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About us.


MS2 Invest is a Danish-owned private investment company that invests in Danish businesses. We invest broadly and thus invest in both manufacturing companies, trading companies, and service companies. 


MS2 Invest is today the main shareholder inNordic Pet Food Group (feed, snacks, and accessories for pets),Design (kitchen, bathroom, and wardrobe solutions),Norisol (technical insulation, etc.),DC Supply ((customer-specific container solutions), and All Styles (hair products, scarves, etc.).


We invest in both profitable companies and companies with low or no earnings. However, our primary focus is on companies with a turnover of DKK 100 million or higher. Our existing companies have a turnover ranging from approximately DKK 100 million to approximately DKK 700 million.


The investment team behind MS2 Invest has 40+ years of experience in developing and actively owning companies. Additionally, we have a broad network of executives, advisors, and professional board members whom we also leverage in the development of our companies. 


We are happy to invest as the main shareholder, but we always invest alongside management and active board members in the companies we invest in.


We are constantly looking for new investment opportunities, so please feel free to contact us if you have or know of an investment opportunity. We are not bound by strict investment criteria, so please do put us to the test. Moreover, we are known for being able to act quickly and have short decision-making processes.


MS2 Holding is the main shareholder in MS2 Invest. MS2 Holding also owns, among other things, MS2 Properties, which invests in residential and commercial properties in Denmark.

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